At the August CGIA Membership meeting participants provided input on topics for Best Practice Forums.


Safety and Incentive Programs

  • How to create a “care and concern” culture
  • Convince craft it is not about statistics and that we really care
  • Getting through to the craft the impact of quality on personal and process safety
  • Create a Safety Forum of Craftsmen to determine how we can help get input from those impacted.

Path Forward

February 2016: Evonik to host Safety Best Practice Forum with focus on Behavioral Based Safety based on Keil Center research.

August 2016: Contractor to host Safety Best Practice Forum- soliciting volunteers to host the meeting


Maintenance (specifically precision maintenance)

  • Advisory Board make-up (industrial maintenance advisory board).
  • Disconnect between education and industry
  • Need common description (mechanical, Electrical, other)
  • Vo Tech feeder programs disconnected?
  • Staying abreast of technology
  • “externships”
  • End user specifications; Job descriptions, skill requirements

Path Forward

March 2016: Convene industry and educators to clarify craft job descriptions and consistency with craft training curriculum


HR Recruitment and Retention

  • Where are they?
  • Pipeline
  • Connecting students and jobs; who is good, scholarships
  • High school connection/outreach- YOUTH; Presentation?
  • **Target Endorsed Programs- what we want/what you should do.
  • Advocate/policy
  • Educate about trends
  • Generational Learning Styles > Cam Marston?
  • Hearing about resources- hearing about best practices
  • Clearly articulated path (Ryan Lee)

Path Forward

April 2016: Contractor or owner to host forum to present and discuss a good recruitment and retention program. Soliciting volunteers to host the meeting.