CGIA serves as the VOICE of industry along the Central Gulf Coast. We are a regional alliance composed of industrial owners, contractors, associates, and training organizations focused on improving industry performance in the areas of safety, workforce development, quality, and productivity.


• Providing Industrial Craft Wage Bulletin for current craft wages across the region to assist in project planning and ensure competitive wages for employees and contractors

Semi-annually, CGIA provides all members with a copy of the CGIA Craft Wage Bulletin, produced by Alpha Resources for open shop industrial craft wages in the CGIA region and the neighboring industrial center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


• Providing CGIA Region Labor Market Analysis for accurate, regional industrial craft labor supply-and-demand data with perspective on national trends to assist members with project and turnaround planning

CGIA periodically provides all members with a regional labor forecasting report that is produced by Construction Industry Resources (CIR) and designed to significantly improve project labor planning and risk mitigation. This report, called the Construction Labor Market Analyzer® (CLMA), collects capital and maintenance project demand information and craft labor supply data and makes it available in a confidential way to improve how we understand and respond to critical workforce risk pressures.


• Leading a nationally recognized evaluation and endorsement process for regional industrial craft training programs to ensure these operate at or above industry standards and meet the workforce needs of the member’s industries

The CGIA Endorsement Program involves industry subject matter experts who evaluate the programs curriculum, training standards, safety standards, facilities, etc. and determine if the program meets industry standards in order to earn an endorsement at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels. CGIA also offers the opportunity for programs to improve in order to receive a future endorsement. CGIA-endorsed programs are offered countless benefits, including donations from member companies, access to guest speakers, industrial facility tours and being highlighted on CGIA’s website.


• Matching graduates of CGIA-endorsed programs with member companies via CGIA Training Partner Connect

CGIA Training Partner Connect is a member’s only job board provided by CGIA that gives employers direct access to highly qualified graduates from CGIA-endorsed programs. CGIA Training Partner Connect connects qualified, top-level graduates to a position best suited to their talents, with the goal of creating a long-term, successful career that benefits both the employee and the employer.


• Facilitating membership meetings for networking and growth

The CGIA General Membership Meeting is a semi-annual forum for discussion between industry and its suppliers. CGIA offers suppliers, engineering/design firms, contractors and related industry partners the opportunity to connect with other CGIA member companies and training partners through various trade shows and expos. CGIA also offers members several options for committee participation to develop a further involvement with CGIA.


• Organizing CGIA Best Practices Forums to allow member companies to share safety, human resources, maintenance, or productivity practices as well as discuss other key issues

Using member company input, CGIA provides multiple forums throughout the year where members discuss the most important topics surrounding our industry today. Each CGIA Best Practices Forum is hosted by a different member company, giving members the opportunity to tour each other’s facilities. Past topics for CGIA Best Practices Forums have included Behavior Based Safety, Fall Protection & Line Break Safety Procedures, Maintenance Skill Sets, and Attracting & Retaining Employees.


• Serving as the Accredited Training Sponsor for NCCER programs

CGIA has been recognized as having the resources to effectively oversee quality training programs that use NCCER curriculum to enhance the availability of qualified candidates to hire. The NCCER programs also align with the endorsement process and create a larger workforce pool for future industrial needs.